Prepaid gas rebate cards are gas cards that have a specific amount of money pre-loaded on them. Many times it works like a savings account so you must make a deposit before you can start using the card. Once there is money on the card you can then spend up to the amount of money deposited on that card.

These cards work much like a debit card or savings account. Many times by purchasing a prepaid gas rebate card you will receive a discount on fuel when you pay using that card.

A prepaid card is a prefect obtain for those that need to stay within a budget for their gas each month. To limit your gas purchases you can only use a prepaid gas card and once you use up that card then you can’t purchase any more gas for that month. Prepaid gas cards do not tend to have any associated rebates like other cards. Many prepaid gas cards will have a special gas price. So no matter what the actual price of gas is you will always get the same price on gas as long as you pay with the prepaid gas card.

The best kind of gas rebate cards are the ones that garuntee a savings at the pump. So no matter what the gas price is you will receive a few cents off per gallon. Sometimes fixed gas price may not be that great as the gas rebate card may actually have a fixed price that is very close to the actual price. If you don’t have an expiration date on the card then you can save it for later but many cards expire and you will need to use it so you don’t lose any money.

You can get very creative when using prepaid gas cards. If you tend to only go to specific types of gas stations or chain of stations you should look into purchasing a prepaid card specifically for that gas dealer. You do not want to go out of your way to save on gas, as the longer driving distance will cancel out any savings. is the premier resource for gas rebate cards on the Net, with information on subjects such as where to get fuel cards, and how to put them to best use – click the links above to find out more!