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When an auto accident happens to you or someone you know, an experienced, compassionate and aggressive car accident lawyer is the help you want. When significant or permanent injuries prevent you from your daily life’s routine of caring for yourself and your family, a lawyer who knows New York State laws regarding car accident liability and who can get you your entitled compensation, is what you need.

As a result of your pain and suffering due to an auto accident, you should be rightfully compensated. The Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein will work hard, examining your case, in determining the cause of said accident, if it took place as a result from alcohol use, cell phone use, road rage, vehicle instability, or someone asleep behind the wheel.

Changing your life forever is the car accident caused by someone else’s neglect. Auto accident lawyers know how the accident can affect you. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Eric R. Bernstein are well versed in New York auto accident law, and to ease your pain, they will fight for you.

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Personal Injury Attorney Eric R. Bernstein Personal Injury Lawyers will aggressively fight for just compensation for his clients resulting from auto accidents.