We are entering the world of a global economy. Unfortunately this brave new world poses a serious and formidable challenge to the United States. The problem is that our children are just not showing much interest or skills in the areas of math, engineering, science, or technology. As the workers of the baby boomer generation start to retire, we not only need to fill these jobs, but prepare our young people to compete for the global jobs of the future. Could the media of the math comic book be part of the solution to the problem?

This global economy in which we find ourselves in is based on science and math and technology. Labor and business statistics tell us that growth in these areas will increase 70% faster than those of other areas. That’s a huge jump. It’s nothing short of tragic that our kids are not showing the interest required in these areas. How are we as a nation going to compete if they don’t?

It appears that those kids in “Middle School” need to be helped the most. We are told that it’s just “not cool” to be good in the maths and sciences when you are a teenager, so we need to encourage and support our kids to learn math and sciences before the “peer pressure” of these years starts to influence and take hold. What if we don’t take these steps? Well, our nation will suffer in the future.

Boys seem to show more interest in math than girls do. While young women now outnumber men on our college campuses, in far too many engineering disciplines women make up less than 20% of students. Those professions that deal with the maths and sciences need to be more welcoming to women. This will encourage our young girls to embrace maths and sciences at a young age.

As we enter this brave new age, we need new media tools. Not just the internet, but other ways to teach math and science to our children. Children need to be shown that math can be very practical to the hobbies and interests that they have at such a young age. For example, math is very important in calculating the statistics of their favorite sports hero. Math principles are also at heart in the world of music. If our kids learn that math is not only practical, but fun, they will be more likely to choose a profession in it in when they get older.

Is it possible that a math comic could be one of these “new media” tools? It’s true that comics have been around for years and years, but they have mostly been used to entertain. We’ve all read a comic that depicts a super hero, or a talking mouse, or young romance. Why not add a twist to this format and use a comic book to teach skills such as math or science? Hmmmm…. Kids love comics, and if we can utilize this love to teach math and science, they will not only be entertained, but they will learn math and science skills as well. What a great way to equip them with skills that they will be able to utilize in the future.

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