Besides the additional mechanical charges, the basic price of the luxury vehicle Lexus IS 250c falls between $31,845 and $35,475. Despite of this, it is regarded as the most highly demanded vehicle of the consumer market. It is equipped with a well-designed interior and exterior, highly sophisticated cruise control functions together with automatic running features. It has a great resemblance with the expensive and dynamic luxury sedans because of its design, and features. The consumers constantly draw parallels between the Lexus IS 250c and BMW 3-series. It depends on the choice of consumers. Most of the consumers of Toyota are of the view that Lexus IS 250c is much better than its rivals are.

The internal covering of the vehicle is made up of quality fabric, and attractive coverings. The plastic coverings are also of high quality. There is a capacity of five passengers to the most. However, the rear seats are a bit constricted in size. It is overall an awesome car, and one can easily ignore minute shortcomings. The well-ventilated seats along with the powerful steering wheel ensure a perfect journey no matter whether it is a short or a long journey.

This car has ten striking colours. It has an aerodynamic design having low coefficient of 0.28, due to which, the car can gain maximum acceleration with low-toned noise, and efficient fuel economy. There are several other remarkable features of the car, which make it different from other cars such as fog lamps, daytime running lights, rain sensing wipers, tilted mirrors along with amazing parking assistance.

The car can run on all the wheels, as it has such an engine, which exerts force on the front, and back wheel axels. Due to this, it enables the car to move on the surfaces, and in all weather conditions. The two V6 engines having 240 horsepower makes the car to achieve maximum acceleration.

The most awe-inspiring feature of this car is that it functions without key. It works with the use of a single push button. The Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management governs the movements of the car.

This model of the car is equipped with improved safety features. There is a side and knee air bag system along with the first aid kit in order to ensure maximum safety of the passengers. There is a pre-collision system, which helps in overcoming the probability of accidents. There is radar, which detects the chances of collision thus, prevents the passengers from any catastrophe. The seat belts gets fasten as soon as the collision is detected.

The navigation system installed in this car is highly sophisticated, and user friendly as well. It is touch sensitive as well as voice sensitive. It is able to guide the driver both visually as well as audibly.

Mostly people are worried about the maintenance of Lexus IS 250c, which is the main doubt related to all the luxury sedans. In order to overcome any type of defect in the car, you can simply avail the services offered at various Lexus service stations.

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