An important factor for horse owners is horse transportation. The type and style of horseboxes can vary, however, they are essential for horse owners. These trailers are particularly useful for trips to the vet or for traveling or moving. There are two types of horse conveyances, the horsebox and the trailer. Taking a look at some horseboxes for sale, it is important consider a number of factors.

The horsebox is considered an all in one lorry with living quarters for the horse alongside that of the owner. The trailers are simple hitched to the back of the auto or truck. The sizes of horseboxes can vary and can carry anywhere from one horse to over a handful. Also, there are different amenities and enhancements available from interior upholstery to electronic embellishments.

Driving horseboxes can be quite an experience for the uninitiated. From a regulatory viewpoint, it is always best to ensure that one obtains and carries the required licenses as laws vary greatly from region to region. Also, one should take the time to practice riding the horsebox without a horse at first to get a feel of the experience. This is important because the horse is always standing during transit and any sudden movements or turns can effect the horse’s balance. One should also avoid breaking or accelerating suddenly and negotiate lane changes and turns with utmost caution.

Maintaining one’s horsebox is often times more important than auto maintenance because a breakdown in a horsebox can be traumatic for the horse, as well. Some areas such as tire, tire pressure, horsebox mount, doors, and ventilation. Similar to autos, one should conduct routine checks on oil, lights, and tire pressure.

The interior floor of the horsebox is often overlooked. Neglecting to monitor the structure can and has resulted in many horse fatalities. For instance, many horses have fallen through decrepit floors during transit due to neglect. The optimal way to maintain floor durability is to periodically clean the interior of the horsebox. In many horseboxes, the entire bedding can be removed for cleaning. This can help uncover any structural damage. Additionally, wood floors should be checked for corrosion or rotting.

In case of accidents or other emergencies, its generally recommended to get insurance. Often times the manufacturer or retailer provides some type of additional coverage. However, second hand horseboxes are typically void of any such protection. Some autos provide supplementary coverage polices that can cover additional carriages. One should review their policy and try and obtain the appropriate coverage suitable to their needs.

In buying a horsebox, one should set out an appropriate budget. For bargain hunters, there are many second hand boxes available on the market. Word of mouth often works best, however, in this age of the internet, a quick search can provide many options. For those will less budgetary constraints, some manufacturers offer custom made horseboxes, as well.

The main aspect to realize when it comes to all types horseboxes or trailers is that pulling horses in tow is not a natural act for horses. This can affect the horse physically and psychologically. The horse’s safety and condition should be the main concern. Often times it is best to build up a horse’s tolerance by taking shorter journeys. This can help condition the horse before planning any longer voyages.

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