It is a zero-emission vehicle powered by human movement and electricity. It have an additional electric motors for high speed commutes.A small movement of the steering handle turns the front wheels that in turn changes the weight distribution and allows the vehicle to tilt on corners.

“Novelo uses a parallelogram linkage that allows the vehicle to tilt through corners. A small movement of the steering handles turns the front wheels that in turn changes the weight distribution and cases the vehicle to tilt. When the steering is centred the vehicle returns upright. This results in Novelo being able to corner faster and with more stability than current velomobiles, as well as having a much smaller turning circle. The tilting mechanism allows the centre of gravity to be higher, resulting in a vehicle which is more visible to other road users and hence safer.
The fairing uses a combination of a horizontal and vertical aerofoil to provide both outstanding aerodynamics and stability in windy conditions. The estimated Cda (measure of aerodynamic performance) would result in a speed of 50 kmph from just 250 watts of power, less than two light bulbs. This energy can easily be provided by the user or through an in built 300-watt hub motor or both.
The fairing is manufactured from a sandwich of Kevlar, flax fibre and foam honeycomb. Kevlar is used for its impact absorbing characteristics and flax as a renewable alternative to carbon fibre. Both materials are easily moulded into complex shapes and allow the internal frame to be moulded into the fairing in a monocoque process removing the need for an internal space frame and reduces manufacturing time and assembly steps. “






via: NoVelo