The Nord 500 was a company-funded aircraft designed to test the efficacy of ducted-fan propulsion in Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) applications. The single-seat “Cadet” was equipped with two tilting ducted-fan engines that could be repositioned for vertical or horizontal flight. Specifications called for the plane to reach speeds up to 218 mph. The first Nord 500 was finished in the beginning of 1967, it was used for a variety of mechanical and ground tests. In July of 1968 a second prototype made its first tethered flight. There were never any free flights made, so the designer’s target of a 220 mph (350 km/h) top speed were never tested. Later Nord merged with the Aerospatiale Corporation and it was renamed the Aerospatiale N 500. A more powerful and advanced version of the aircraft was planned, however it never materialized, and by 1971 the project was canceled.

Nord 500 Cadet - 01

Nord 500 Cadet - 02

Nord 500 Cadet - 03

Nord 500 Cadet - 04

Nord 500 Cadet - 05

Nord 500 Cadet - 06


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