There is nothing worse than driving on a vacation in an unknown area where you may not necessarily know the speed limit and you find yourself caught in a speed trap.

Normally, speed traps are not easily spotted, and you don’t see them until it’s too late. In our technological world a speed trap can also be traffic cameras that find traffic violations and ticket people.

So wouldn’t a speed trap detector be beneficial to helping you get less tickets?

In many instances the response is yes. These days speed trap detectors are commonly gps units like the TomTom, Garmin, or popular cellular phones with GPS turned on. You’re able to individually mark places on the map of where there are usually speeding traps. Once you put this information on your gps or phone, you are be prepared for the speed trap just around the corner.

A few things to consider about this technology. On the one hand some may find themselves in an area with a large number of speed traps and choose to drive more safely but keep in mind that someone by them self keeping their eyes off the road and putting it onto their phone can heighten the danger. And, a few areas of the country are trying to ban the use of these tools on phones such as a popular iPhone application that does this.

Furthermore, in the future many of these maps will start having a yearly fee. It may be helpful to register since it can save a bit of money, but it would probably be simpler to learn how to prevent getting speeding tickets in the first place.

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