So, you’ve become obsesses with modifying your car. Have you looked at your’ wheels recently?

After you’ve finished with all of the other accessories on your’ car, the wheels are a great way to balance off the look. Your’ choice in wheels also slightly affects how well your’ car races.

For one, you can reduce the weight on the car, and 2, (ostensibly), if you have a more open rim, the brakes will not get as hot, with the wind able to get through the rims. The second point is debatable, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Currently DPE has 4 main styles:

1) The S Series of Rims – The Signature series has bolts going around the rim, which makes it stand out quite a bit. The S is a 3 piece wheel.

2) GT/LS Series – The GT and LS wheels are 2 piece with a chrome lip instead of polished. The GT Wheels have the spokes set into the rim, while the LS wheels have the rim spokes sticking out of the wheel.

3) R Series – The R Series is also a 2 piece with a chrome lip.

4) MT – The MT series are monoblock (built out of one peice) which gives it a very distintive look. They are a recent addition – having been launched in September ’09. That being said, the MT wheels don’t stick out or in as much as the LS, GT and Signature series, as they are created from one block.

Each DPE Wheel has a number of options including preferred lip, fastener/bolt/rivet color and multiple finishes

By default, you can choose whether you want the rims to be Silver, Black or Chrome. (This depends on the rim series).

Additional customizations include adding two tone colored rims. You can customize them even further by having DPE paint the rivets bolts and fasteners in a different color.

They have 3 metals to choose from on the fasteners. The standard is aluminum. If you are running chrome wheels, or want a hint of the chrome feel, you can get the stainless steel fasteners. The lightest ones are titanium

DPE Wheels are a great way to enhance your’ BMW Rims and look. Stealth Auto offers many choices for the BMW Modding enthusiast. This and other unique content ‘wheels’ articles are available with free reprint rights.