mud bogging, mud boggin or just plain mudding is growing in popularity. You just need people who love their trucks and a bunch of mud to drive them in. Together, the two have created a sport that is really taking off.

Anyone who has grown up in the country has probably had the experience of driving a pick-up through mud for something to do. Just as little kids are fascinated by making mud pies, when we get to be big kids, we still love playing in the mud. Mud bogging takes what was an idle pastime and transforms it into an event.

The object of the competition is basically to make it through a trench of mud. Sounds easy right? Not so much. It requires a strong engine to make it through without getting bogged down.

The winner of the event is the person who not only made it through but also did so in the best time. It’s as simple as that. Many times, there isn’t even anything to win at the end, other than being able to brag about it.

It isn’t just the drivers than enjoy mudding. It’s good fun for the spectators as well. It’s a good bet that there are a few friendly wagers on the sideline as well, even though there’s no big pot at the end. A collection will sometimes be taken up for the winning driver, though.

If you want to get involved in mud bogging yourself, take some time to check out the trucks that are most often used for the sport. You will need a 4×4 with a strong engine to have a chance of winning. But it’s not all about engine power.

It takes skill in driving to get through a trench of mud. If you have not had the experience yet, don’t get upset if you aren’t really good at it in the begging. The mudding 4×4 experience is one that, most of all, should be fun. Go ahead and get a truck and get out in the mud.

The fun time starts when yoou have your own truck. It is not about the money It is all about the bragging rights. Click here to watch videos of a mudding 4×4.. Free reprint available from: Mudding 4×4 Is The New American Sport.

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