by Beth E. Mason

Its the day you have been dreading for weeks on end. Its moving day and you are completely losing your mind. There is so much that has to get done and you are spreading yourself incredibly thin. You may not even have time to hire any professional movers. So you do the next best thing. You ask your friends and family to help you move. When you use your friends and family to help you move you should take a few precautions. Remember you want these people to still like you after the move is over.

But friends and family is what you’ve got, and they’re pledged to help through thick and thin: yes, to the bitter end, even if they don’t know it ” though it may just arrive soon enough! So the trick is to utilize their services appropriately, taking special care not to take them for granted while making sure that they feel appreciated and are even somehow compensated, in a sense. (Perhaps a little housewarming party on the day of the move itself would be nice, assuming it doesn’t simply add to your things-to-do list on an already stressful day!)

Always plan ahead and pack all your items early for the move. A great way to save time is to create a checklist of all your items and the jobs assigned to your friends and family. Keep things simple and light hearted, you don’t want to turn your family and friends against you.

One of the biggest jobs during the move is the actual loading and unloading of boxes. Again make sure ahead of time that everything is securely packed away and that you know where everything is and where its supposed to go in your new home. Preparing ahead of time will save a large amount of time, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting your helps time because you forgot to prepare for the brunt of the work. If you don’t prepare beforehand your family and friends will simply be hanging out as you prepare boxes and the lists, then they will be more likely to blow you off and leave.

With a great attack plan for moving day you’ll be integrated to your new home in no time. Also your friends wont feel like they are being taken for granted by helping you out. At the end of the day youll save some money on movers (which usually is quite affordable in the first place). Not to mention you will create a stronger bond with your friends and family.

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