by Andre Hansen

Your vehicle could have a sophisticated air conditioner build in, but do you know at what cost to our planet your cold air luxury comes? Let us look at some aspects of it.

Non-portable car air conditioners taps into the power generated by the motor running to perform it’s cooling task. With the engine doing more work to accommodate the air conditioner, the fuel consumption goes up seriously. More fuel used means more oil wanted to make the fuel, which leads to earth getting stripped of even more oil.

The gas sealed within your air conditioning unit plays a part in heat exchange. This inactive gas is highly poisonous to the environment which wouldn’t be an issue should it stay in the cooling system, but it slowly leaks through the tubes its housed in. For a cooling system to work, this gas needs topping up every year.

These two factors alone should sound alarm bells with troubled voters. Luckily there is a perfectly natural and chemical free solution in a modern cartable car air conditioner that not only cool down your automobile’s interior, but you can take it with you wherever you go.

The energy usage of these clever machines comes in at a minute 12-volt charge, which in reality can be raised with a single transportable solar charger or re chargeable batteries. Compare this little energy need with the fuel-consuming monster in your car and you too will realize the positive impact this cooler can have.

The portable model contains no harmful gasses as it works using clear clean water only. The method of water evaporation drives the unit. This process leaves no harmful fumes or by products like exhaust gasses behind that pollute the atmosphere. It seems you cannot fail choosing this cooler as the perfectly green alternative to fixed air conditioners.

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