Many motorcycle riders sacrifice their safety for comfort by not wearing motorcycle jackets or vests. The riders do this because of a few reasons, one being the motorcycle jackets are not comfortable and can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The Creators at have come up with the perfect solution to this problem by developing the hog cooler motorcycle vest. This amazing motorcycle vest will keep you cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

So how can a motorcycle vest do all of that? It’s simple. The creators of the hog cooler have come up with a patent pending system to keep you cool in the hot summer months and warm in the blistering cold winter months. How this new system works is for the summer months you place a bag of ice in your saddle bag and hook a hose to the side of your vest. The ice and air will pump cool air up the hose and into the vest keeping you cool. In fact it can cool you down to an amazing 60 degree’s on a hot summer day. This is by far the best motorcycle jacket I’ve seen out today.

It works the same way in the cold winter months minus the ice! What happens in the winter months is the tube on the hogcooler uses the already generated heat from the engine of your bike to feed hot air into the motorcycle vest keeping your body warm regardless what tempurture it is outside. The best advantage with the hog cooler vest system is there are no other needed batteries to work the system. So you won’t be stuck replacing parts on your bike to stay cool and warm year round. This will save you ton’s of money when you compare the hog cooler to other cooling motorcycle systems.

Like many motorcycle jacket systems that are designed to keep you comfortable the Hog Cooler utilizes the items that are produced by your motorcycle along with items that most bikers carry with them to begin with to keep you cool.

The best part about the Hog Cooler is unlike the other systems on the market today, this one you can detach the hose and not have to remove the vest when you get off your motorcycle. Plus with the Hog Cooler there are no bulky hardware to carry around on the bike. This is the a feature that all riders will notice right a way.

Anyone who has ever worn a motorcycle jacket in the summer can agree that they are not the most comfortable thing to wear but in most cases are necessary to have. However even though bikers need motorcycle jackets and vests for safety reasons most will not wear a motorcycle jacket because they are not comfortable in the summer.

With the Hog Cooler system this will allow a biker to wear his motorcycle jacket in the summer and stay cool at the same time. In addition this will also allow you to ride in warmth in the cold winter months as your motorcycle jacket will be nice and warm all through your trip. After all nothing will ruin a trip faster than a jacket that is either too hot or one that is too cold, with the Hog Cooler system you will be able to ride at just the right temperature no matter what season it is!

If you want to find out more information about these types of Motorcycle Jackets that are changing the way motorcycle riders ride today, visit the one and only Hog Cooler site today.