There are many different purposes for motorbikes so there are obviously different types and each bike is slightly different based on the purpose it was built for.

Motorbike sales are going up at the moment because there are lots of different uses for a motorbike.

We all know that owning a car can be a nightmare because of all the frequent traffic jams. There are too many cars on the road which causes congestion.

Motorbikes are the way to go because you avoid all of this and can cut through the traffic jams as if they weren’t there. There are more and more enviromentally friendly bikes being built and sold at the moment that focus on low fuel consumption. These bikes are known as town bikes and are a great way to travel.

The bikes that are designed for racing are usually very light and bare. It’s pretty much a frame and an engine. These bikes are made for speed and acceleration.

There are also bikes built for long distance travel. These bikes are usually larger and are built for comfort. They will have a luggage rack and the seat will be very comfortable.

And then there are the bikes built to fit the biker image. They are just built for their looks and coolness. They’re always noisy so everyone knows they’re around. These bikes aren’t about speed or comfort. They’re all about the image.

Then of course there are the dirt bikes or off road bikes. These are mostly built to allow us to travel on all types of ground. They’re mostly used for fun in the outback. With these bikes you can go where you couldn’t with a normal bike.

But no matter what type of bike you’re on it’s important to be safe and wear a helmet and protective clothing. But don’t worry because you can buy protective gear that’ll still let you look cool.

But at the end of the day whether you have a little scooter to get you about the town or are super bike that goes 200 mph you’ll still get that trill of freedom that you can get from owning a car.

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