When most drivers think of their autos cooling system all that comes to mind is their radiator ” the humble rad. The cooling system of your car keeps your autos engine within normal ranges and provides you both comfortable maintenance free driving and heat from their interior car heater during the cold winter time or to defrost their windshield.

Its like brake or transmission in a vehicle – be it car , truck or SUV. Few think about their fluid levels or the last time maintenance was done on the vehicle. Add in the fact that the car or truck is second hand or used and its anyone’s guess. Yet it is a simple and easy matter to check fluid levels and the protection afforded to cold weather freeze-up of the coolant fluids.

Radiator coolant and coolant levels are seldom on drivers minds till disaster strikes or they are frigid or cannot defrost their windshield while driving. First of all how can you judge coolant level in modern vehicles ” be they cars, trucks or SUVs? With coolant recovery systems, the coolant level is easily checked by observing the liquid level on the coolant recovery bottle. In most autos currently, the radiator cap need not normally be removed. The coolant level should be at the Full Cold mark when the system is cool and at ambient temperature. After the vehicle has been driven sufficiently to obtain normal operating temperatures, the level should be at the Full Hot mark.

Maintenance of proper fluid levels and an adequate amount of antifreeze is everything. You will maintain your engine and transmission within proper temperature ranges. The benefits – less wear and tear on your engine itself , no heat damage or buckling from excessive heat of engines running “hot” as well as the convenience of sufficient heat from your interior heater of your passenger compartment.

Its not only a matter of long term truck or car car and long life. Its not only about keeping your vehicle in good running order and a proper ongoing maintenance schedule. it is also about safety. If your vehicle breaks down prematurely or your rad overheats due to low coolant levels you may be stranded in less than desirable circumstances. In a cold winter time period – say in northern Alberta Canada or Manitoba without a properly working heat defrost mechanism you are a menace on the road to other drivers and vehicles on roads and highways.

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