This concept is made by Tiago Miguel Inácio, a Portuguese designer. He drew inspiration not just from the Batmobile but from other prototype cars as well. The result is a very sleek vehicle with flowing lines and a futuristic look. Firstly, it’s powered by a 1.5 megawatt electric motor – or if you like to speak in horsepower that’s 2,011hp. Secondly, the body is created from an as yet undiscovered composite called H-Fiber which is crash resistant, and also has shape memory – making trips to the body shop a thing of the past. Thirdly, the Mithos features a Terrain Scanning System (TSS) which adapts the car’s suspension and traction settings depending on the road ahead.

“The video teaser was created to give the viewer a good audiovisual experience and somehow illustrate how an electric supercar sounds and feels like.”

Mithos Electromagnetic Concept Vehicle - 02

Mithos Electromagnetic Concept Vehicle - 01

Mithos Electromagnetic Concept Vehicle - 03