The CityCar electric automobile, developed and prototyped by Smart Cities, is designed to meet the demand for enclosed personal mobility – with weather protection, climate control and comfort, secure storage, and crash protection – in the cleanest and most economical way possible. It weighs less than a thousand pounds, parks in much less space than a Smart Car, and is expected to get the equivalent of 150 to 200 miles per gallon of gasoline. Since it is battery-electric, it produces no tailpipe emissions. Lithium-ion batteries are housed in the floor of the CityCar, which provides a large amount of space, keeps the center of mass low, and facilitates cooling. Recharging can be accomplished with inexpensive home charging units, and with units installed at workplace parking structures. More interestingly, it seems feasible to provide automatic recharging in parking spaces, much like the recharging of electric toothbrushes in their holders. After long time in concept mode MIS is now there, and it’s about to go into testing in Europe. The eventual target cost is $12,500. The first test project aims to kick off by 2013 in Vitoria Gasteiz near Bilbao, Spain, where 20 cars will be available.

MIT Concept Car is Finally There - 01

via: MIT