Russia is an inexhaustible source of new ideas, designs and shapes when it comes to cars. It must be admit that in the sea of offers the quality of new vehicles each year getting better and reached the level of developed world automotive industry. One of the best and most serious project is a small city car Mirrow Provocator.

Mirrow Provocator 01

Many compare it to their concept with Smart Fortwo, from whom provides much more convenience because although the city vehicle Mirrow Provocator can carry four adults, a Smart Fortwo only two. Design is perfect and quite realistic. If your Smart Fortwo city car too small Mirrow will be the real measure.

Mirrow Provocator 02

Mirrow Provocator is extremely compact length of 2.97 meters. 1.98 There is a wide and 2.05 meters high. Rear doors have a hole 1.7 meters high and 60 cm wide.

Mirrow Provocator 03

Mirrow Provocator 50 percent of the body is made from recycled plastic. The interior is designed on the plane model. The four individual seats are attractive, and the cockpit is extremely simple with futuristic design.

Mirrow Provocator 05

It is planned to drive with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as the inevitable drive motors (pure electric drive). Also in the game is a small three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and diesel engine of the same volume. To accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h takes about 9 seconds and would have a top speed of 140 km / h which is electronically limited. Pure electric version should not exceed 400 km single battery charge.
There are no other technical information for now, but what will fascinate everyone, at this time is referred to an incredibly low price of 3,500 euros. Maybe the price is only a Marketing trick, which indicates the model name ” Provocator ” but we’ll see what the near future will bring …

Mirrow Provocator 06