Microlino 2.0 EV, which resembles the famous mid-20th century BMW Isetta by design, is ideal for the city which can travel with a full battery up to 200 km.

Microlino 2.0 EV

Micro Mobility Systems has been working on a small city electric car for years, whose design and functionality have been inspired by designers in a similar model from 60 years ago.

The Isetta is the smallest and probably the most unusual car to wear a BMW emblem in the history of that Bavarian company. Designed in Italy, this model was manufactured between 1955 and 1962 under license in several countries, including Germany, where it was made by BMW, which was then far from the premium manufacturer’s reputation it has today.

Microlino 2.0 EV

Not to be forgotten by the Isetta in the 21st Century, they took care of Micro when they introduced the concept of a modernized, electric variant of this vehicle under the new name – Microlino several years ago.

The basic design concept of the Isette is preserved, as is the one-door entry system located at the front of the car.

Microlino 2.0 EV

Micro has now introduced an upgraded production version called Microlino 2.0. Compared to the original concept from 2016, the series variant has an even more modern appearance with a front LED strip along the entire width of the vehicle, while retaining the main headlights in the seats of the exterior mirrors, which was a trademark of the original 20th CenturyIsette.

The exterior door opening lever is now visually concealed, and the headroom in the cabin has increased.

The A-pillars have also been narrowed to improve driving visibility, while the distance between the rear two wheels has been increased by 50% over the concept, making the car now more stable, comfortable and safer to drive.

Changes are also visible in the cab – the steering wheel is no longer attached to the door and does not move when it is opened, but is fixed to a pole that is attached to the floor of the vehicle.

Microlino 2.0 EV

The cockpit is completely minimalist, with a digital display in place of the instrument panel and a front bar that serves as a handle, as well as a smartphone and Bluetooth speaker holder that can attach to it.

The Microlino 2.0 EV has an electric motor that the manufacturer claims can “push” the car to a speed of 90 km / h without specifying its power.

8 kWh or 14.4 kWh batteries are used to store electricity. The smaller one provides autonomy of about 125 km, and the larger one can travel up to 200 km.

Micro says the batteries can be recharged in about 4 hours on the socket.

Production is scheduled to begin in 2021, with Microlino 2.0 priced at € 12,000 .

The company claims it has already received 17,000 bookings from interested customers.

Microletta electric scooter is also coming

In addition to the small electric four-wheeler, Micro also introduced the concept of a 3-wheel electric scooter, called the Microletta.

Microletta electric scooter

This tricycle can develop at 80 km / ha with a 4.2 kWh battery. Driving autonomy is over 100 km, and the concept of the battery is such that it can be removed from the scooter when empty and swapped for full, if necessary, avoiding waiting for the spent battery to recharge.

Microletta electric scooter

Although Microletta is technically a concept vehicle, Micro says they are planning a series production.

Microletta electric scooter

They have not announced when this will happen, given that they are currently focused on Microlino 2.0, but have already started booking for a scooter, which should cost around € 4,900.

Microletta electric scooter