Follow this advice to look closely at when waiting to hear about the best car hire deal. Be aware that there are specific off peak periods when the price tag on rental can plummet compared to peak times. If you’d like the vehicle for a specific purpose that is flexible, adjusting the time of your rental can cause considerable financial savings on your part. Additionally, there are often savings to be made if you book a few weeks in advance rather than just show up and pay without giving notice.

Wherever possible it’s always best to try and leave your hire car at the same place that you picked it up from. Although many firms offer you the option of picking up and dropping off at different branches, the logistics involved in this add considerably to your cost.

It isn’t only books and clothes that offer promotional codes. Search online for best car hire discounts and for anyone who is lucky you might get a few percent off the cost or most likeyl have obtain some added value to the contract in another way. Check your current account for any special discounts or services that exist as inclusive – like free worldwide breakdown cover – this could well be one option that you don’t need to sign up for.

Read the small print carefully. Your best car hire deal might evaporate if you fail to understand terminology within the regulations so when you are at all sure ask for conditions to be explained again to you. For example, if you experience a surcharge for returning the car on the weekend, remember to both agree on what that means exactly. In the eyes of the business that could well run from Friday to Monday. Little misunderstandings like this can interfere with you getting the best car hire deal you can.

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