Inspired by the board of ninja turtles the owner of the Mazda Miata immortalized here in 1990 decided to customize it with a theme that he called Ninja Turtle Edition. You can not look at her without a smile takes shape on his face, imagining Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo, with their pizza aboard sports car. The owner of the vehicle wanted to build on the MX-5’s reputation of a great turn-tackler, so it decided to play with the suspension. The vehicle was more than happy when it found about that it could run free through the bends and immediately said “yes”. Between the aerodynamic and mechanical components installed on Mazda Miata Ninja Turtle Edition There are air vents RB Elbow, Exedy Stage 1 clutch and Steed Short Shifter. Finally there are the wheels, a true gem in the look of this car: the wheels are equipped with wheels 15 “painted with a red dye opaque, mounted on tires 195/45.

Mazda Miata - Ninja Turtle Edition-01

Mazda Miata - Ninja Turtle Edition-02

Mazda Miata - Ninja Turtle Edition-03

Photo credit: stancenation

via: autocrunch