When it comes to modes of transport, there are quite a few modes that you can choose from. While air travel has assumed a great deal of prevalence, there was a time when all that people had to cross the seven seas were boats and various versions of the same. Boats are essentially vessels that help to ferry people and cargo across water bodies ranging from ponds, streams and lakes to oceans and seas. Man has always been an avid sea faring being, with there being records and evidence of people crossing the seas as far back as 7,000 years ago. There is reason to believe that there have been cross continent movements of people from quite some time back.

There are many types of sea faring vessels as well as ships that are used across the world. Some of these are small boats which are used for daily use across rivers or lakes, while the largest ocean liners or the tankers which are used to ferry huge quantities of oil, coal and other commodities from one part of the world to another. At the other end of the spectrum are super luxury cruise liners which are used by the glitterati and celebrities to enjoy all the trappings of the high life.

Those who enjoy boat rides as part of tourist programs spend hours in such boats being shown some of the more interesting water related spots, like islands, backwaters, lagoons and also marine wild life viewing expeditions. It makes a lot of sense to have cup holders in such boats or ferries as these can add a great deal to the joy and convenience of boat travel. Travelers like to sip beverages when they are traveling which is where the cup holders come in handy. Cup holders are useful in ensuring that cups and glasses are held in place securely so that the contents may not spill out and create a mess.

Using cup holders has become quite easy of late. There are quite a few new fasteners and cup holder straps that use the latest Velcro technology and help folks make use of glasses and cups on boats without running the risk of spilling fluids on the deck and making it untidy.

There are some times when accessories like cup holders are not present in some boats, ferries or even ships. Under these conditions, it may make sense to make a suggestion to boat authorities to incorporate cup holders in the best interests of users or purchase a travel cup holder to take with you on your journeys.

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