The Ferruccio concept combines two ideas, innovations in the future of performance and environmental consciousness, using upcoming technologies in engine design and manufacturing. A v12 is under the hood, but has a comparably small 5.0 liter unit, boosted by two turbochargers The main difference, however, is that the engine would be camless, and activate its valves using computer-controlled pneumatic solenoids. This combination of technologies allows the Ferruccio’s engine to stick to Lamborghini’s power philosophies while being environmentally and economically conscious. The Ferruccio’s sharp pointed nose looks pretty wild, but I can see some cues taken from the current Aventador and the Sesto Elemente factory concept car.

Mark Hostler Lamborghini Concept - 01

Mark Hostler Lamborghini Concept - 02

Mark Hostler Lamborghini Concept - 03

Mark Hostler Lamborghini Concept - 04

via: yanko design