Wash your car on a weekly basis to ensure you can see out of all of the windows and that your mirrors are clean, you can be fined if you drive with dirty windows or lights. Check for chips on your windscreen and get those that you find repaired straight away. This also applies to bodywork chips, in particular those that go right down to the metal. Also check that your windscreen wipers do not need replacing.

Check all of your cars fluids each week and top them up if they need it. Include brake fluid, oil, fuel and windscreen and rear window screen wash in your weekly checks. Use screen-wash fluid in your car, it is much better than water and will not freeze. Engine coolants also need checking periodically.

Check your tyres for wear and check that they all have the correct air pressure, include the spare tyre in your checks. Your owners manual will tell you the correct pressures for the front and the back. The minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, use a tyre gauge to check each tyre. Replace tyres before they actually get down to just 1.6mm, it is far safer to do this and you can avoid an eye watering fine if you do so. Also make sure that there are no foreign objects like nails embedded in the tyres.

Check that your sidelights, headlights, indicators, hazard lights and fog lights are all working as they should. Carry at least one replacement bulb with you for each type of light. Check dashboard warning light fuses to make sure that they do not need replacing, e.g. petrol gauge, and servicing light.

Switch the engine on listen to it in tick over, then rev it and listen, if you think the car is not ticking over as it should then consider getting it serviced early. At the same time listen to the exhaust small holes can sometimes be repaired, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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