No matter how you put it, Ferrari is one of the most popular and heavily sought after cars in the automobile industry. Nothing can best its magnificent aesthetic quality and ultra fast-paced performance. With all of its renown and achievement, there is nothing to doubt about Ferrari’s standing as the best in the world. However, due to humble beginnings, no one ever knew, even the founder himself, that Ferrari will be as big as it is today.

It all started when Enzo Ferrari started a sponsorship for amateur drivers in Modena, Italy in 1929. Enzo helped train and race amateur drivers in Alfa Romeo made sports cars. This sponsorship was named Scuderia Ferrari. He continued doing this until 1938, when he was employed by Alfa Romeo to manage its motor racing department.

Enzo Ferrari excelled in managing the division in Alfa Romeo and developed new technologies in manufacturing cars. In the 1940’s the Fascist government of Benito Mussolini took over Italy. This brought the Alfa Romeo into the hands of the Italian government in order to further support the Axis powers. It was never the matter for Enzo since his division was small and was not affected by the change of control.

Due to his contract with Alfa Romeo, Enzo Ferrari was not permitted to race for four years. By then, Scuderia Ferrari changed its name into Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. The new Ferrari was now a developer of airplane accessories and machine tools. It was during this time that Enzo manufactured the first ever Ferrari, the Tipo 815. Unfortunately for him, it was the non-competition period.

The first ever Ferrari racecar to be displayed among the public was the Tipo 815. It saw little competition. It was debuted to the public at the Mille Miglia in 1940. Three years later, the Ferrari factory was moved to Maranello, Italy. This was very unfortunate for Enzo for the factory was consequently destroyed by Allied bombing raids during the Second World War. But, Enzo, with renewed determination, sought to rebuild the factory and he did so after the war was over. This day would mark Ferrari’s emergence as a top manufacturer of automobiles.

In 1947, Ferrari introduced his first ever road car named as the 125 S. This road car was powered by its 1.5L V12 engine. This newly developed engine started the rise in terms of car development by Ferrari. This brought to more love by the public of Enzo Ferrari’s creations and resulted into immediate success.

Since then Ferrari continued to grow each year. It had never slowed down until today. Today, it garners about 1,688 Euros in annual revenues and employs almost 3,000 people every year.

Whoever thought that a racecar driver and his little division from Alfa Romeo could ever be the greatest automobile manufacturer of all time. From a racecar driver, Enzo Ferrari became the reluctant manufacturer and seller of the world’s premier sports car company.

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