Actually this can be considered as a small concept model for the real thing, because this work may be highly related to Photoshop, and with this one jammed up, shrunken down copy of what we normally know as Lotus Exige as a Segway scooter . Segway that can go 188 mph is something we can totally understand that sports car speed actually comes from being a sports car. This is no ordinary Segway people, it’s Lotus Exige Segway. And yes, it has a compressor engine and a zero to 60 mph time of 2.02 seconds. Steering wheels, brakes and accelerator, have all been replaced with a T-handle. The unique design makes it possible to handle 3-G turns with ease, with a top speed of 188 miles per hour, this feature is something you can not ignore in all respects.

lotus exige segway small concept car