Are you deciding on the best synthetic motor oil to use? You may look at many different brands. You will also need to decide between full synthetic and synthetic blend oil. Know the particulars of each one, it can help you decide. Here is information to consider.

Full synthetic

Synthetic oil was developed in World War II. German scientist needed a lubricant that did not come from the usual sources. Those sources were petroleum. They used artificially made compounds that would lubricate well. Full synthetic oil is made of entirely of these compounds. It is superior to normal engine oil in many ways.

Synthetic blend motor oils

Synthetic blend oil is made from pure synthetic and petroleum based oils. They can contain up to thirty percent pure synthetic. This gives it some of the lubricating properties of pure synthetic. This helps to keep the cost down.

It is usually best to go by what the manufacturer recommends. However, you may have several choices to consider. You may also want to change an older car to synthetic oil. Synthetic blend may be a good decision, based on cost.


The weight of your oil is another determining factor. Suppose you use 5-40 oil. It will thin to five-weight oil, in the winter cold. It will thicken to forty-weight oil in the heat. This helps your car start in cold weather. If you live where the weather is warm, you may decide on 10-40 oil.

Research your oil needs online. You can make the best decision for your car.


Do you want the best synthetic motor oil for your car? Try to go by what your car maker recommends. You can save money with synthetic blend oil. However, you car may need full synthetic. Choose the proper oil viscosity. This may be determined by where you live. Search online for synthetic oil reviews.

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