Transport in London has its own extensive private and public network with many facilities. It can be on the road or the rail track or air networks. London’s internal transport belongs to the Mayor of London’s four policy areas which come under the agency Transport for London. With this planned standard of living of people in London we can understand the high standards of their day to day life. This high standard is seen in types of cars the people who live in London drive. Let’s discuss the top cars used by London based people.

The most famous car, also most favorite for women drivers is Bayerische Motoren Werke which is from the German origin, commonly known as the BMW. BMW is a German automobile and is famous for its luxury vehicles. A new market BMW was recently introduced a race ready production vehicle. This vehicle later came to be known as the BMW M3. The latest BMW is the V8 which was introduced in autumn 2007 in Europe and in 2008 in the United States. This car continues to be the most favorite for the major part of people in London.

The business class favorite is the Lamborghini. This brand is Italian, and was first founded in the year 1963. After a few years when the brand was taken over by Germans, Lamborghini found its mark and made its place in the market. This popularity was never seen before. From studies of all over the world it was found that twenty five percent of the market represented Lamborghini sales in Asia.

United Kingdom’s own luxury car is the Jaguar. The head quarters oh the owner company is in Coventry. The Jaguar Cars Limited is the name of the owner company. Half of the stocks of this company are owned by the famous Indian company Tata Motors Ltd. This company is operated as part of the Jaguar Land Rover business. Jaguar cars are designed in Jaguar/Land Rovers engineering centers in Coventry.

Another British manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda Limited produces Aston Martin, another luxury car. This class of cars has been shown in a couple of James Bond movies. So we know how much the brand name sells. This class of cars has a style of its own and that invites a lot of attention from the high earning part of the society.

For all these luxury cars in and around London, we see that these are owned by the higher class of the society, most of them, who are always traveling. In this case maintaining their highly expensive cars becomes a big issue. That is why Airport Parking in UK provides special packages for these expensive cars. Parking such cars requires a planned and secure parking area which is provided by these safe parking providers.

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