The most modern contribution in the deluxe, and atmosphere friendly line-up of Lexus LS 600 is the new Lexus Sedan of 2010, which comes with a small amount of pleasant modifications. The three sedan flagship versions that are likely to be on the rampage comprise of the standard length 460, the 460L, and gas/electric hybrid 600h L with an extra 5 inches of wheelbase, and overall length. Still being a rear wheel drive, the vehicle has gained high rating standards in ride quality, quietness, details, room, and comfort in its pre-release.

The car has passed Consumer Guide Automotive road test, and got excellent ranking. The car acceleration power is efficient, and powerful. The car contains, all-wheel drive 438-hp V-8 hybrid engine that makes it a luxurious vehicle with long wheelbase. The acceleration power takes it to 60mph within first 5 seconds. This high-speed offer is designed keeping in mind the comfort, and ease of driver as well as passengers, so they feel like sitting in a plane.

Fuel economy tests have also proved to be cost saving. With the requirement of premium-grade gas, LS gives an average of 18.7 mpg on most of the road conditions covered. Steering and handling requires less energy, and provides more joy, and comfort while driving.

The turning circle is made taut this time, giving more command over the steering. Marked body lean is also provided by the base suspension. Besides that, comfort setting is also permissible by the air suspension.

The car has most advanced parking guidance system. This outclass feature has enabled this car to manage accurate parallel car parking, and reversing. The floating drive is maintained by providing the lighter base suspension. The car has air suspension settings like most sports cars to make the driving an audacious experiment.

Lexus LS 600h is specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort, and ease for anyone who sits in. There is no doubt that Lexus LS 600h has all the finest features a car needs. It is the quietest of the cars with no noise of the engine in idle state. While you are on the go, still the sound is non-irritating with light growl, which is liked by most car fanatics. The comforting silence of the car would make you feel like sitting at your home sofa set where there is no disturbing wind, or noise.

With an intelligently placed battery, there is ample room in the truck to keep more luggage than the previous versions. The front is spacious enough for the driver to sit comfortably. Luxurious modification options like telescopic steering wheel, power tilt comfortable seats with multiple power adjustment features makes you feel like you are being treated like a king in a five star hotel.

With the new LS 600, you will get one of the overall safest drives, in comparison to most of the competition out there. Comprehensive information about the fuel mileage, and seating facility is provided, which keeps the driver efficient of any issue. NHTSA crash test results have also permitted it as a safe vehicle to drive.

For more information and to book a test drive in a new Lexus LS 600h, visit the Lexus website.