To have functional accessories in family automobiles is important. LED glow sticks also called LED light sticks are emergency makeshift safety lights that every car should have. Glowsticks are as good as LED light sticks to keep a few in the car. For long road trips with kids, they can have fun with the novelty light up toys like finger lights and glow necklaces bracelets. Every house should also have some emergency lights for security reasons and the safety glow stick products that have shelf life of four years are the number one choice.

Safety LED Light Sticks come in usually green or yellow. They light up brightly for 12 hours and are part of Survival Kits. LED and Glow sticks are very useful for emergency, natural disaster evacuation, power outage at home, work or traveling and road side tire change. By choosing glow stick, you have no more hassle of expired batteries of flashlights.

The beauty with chemical glow sticks, light sticks and glow sticks necklaces is that you don’t need to worry about battery issue and can rely on them for immediate light with a simple snap. Their simplicity adds to their reliability. They function well in sever weathers, under waters, and evacuations after natural disaster. The runtime for LED glow sticks and LED finger lights are 6-8 hours.

Glow sticks necklaces are safe and delightful. Depending on the chemical substance and color dyes inside the glow sticks, the sticks’ glowing intensity varies. When soaked in hot water, glow necklaces bracelets will glow brighter and the chemical reaction get expedited. With LED lights, the strength cannot be altered but there is control over the speed of the flash.

Whether it’s for your car or home, it is a wise idea to keep some LED light sticks or glow sticks around, although emergency situation doesn’t happen everyday. But when it does happen, you want to be fully prepared.

LED Glow Sticks are innovation of traditional Glow Stick products. They have more light output than chemical glow sticks.