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The suspension installed in modern cars today is a marvel. It gives the auto-enthusiast a unique sense of progress in all fields. Many owners know from experience that when a sophisticated suspension fails, they have a problem on their hands that requires them to call a tow truck and leave their beloved car in the nearest garage to be worked upon. Some even decide to forgo the hydraulic suspension system and put in a traditional spring mechanism, something that rings true for older cars more than the new ones.

There are air suspension systems like the Faskit that integrate into the air lines between the air springs and suspension valve box. In this way, it allows for more independent operation for each air spring individually and allows for the inflation of the springs through pressure. A pneumatic system often malfunctions. Normally, the compressor does not function as well as expected. Any holes or pores in the air spring or air ducts results in loss of the vehicles height, and subsequently ground clearance.

Faskit is a system for retrieving the basic functionality of the suspension by manual inflation of each of the four air springs which can be inflated to accommodate individual tires. Set the clearance at will by selecting the desired vehicle height and your vehicle will remain so indefinitely or until the original system is reconfigured.

The spring aids in closing the key and putting the compressor allows the supplied cuff to be inflated so that each spring can function without the need to derive pressure from the vehicle’s gasoline chamber. You must keep in mind the fact that most suspension-aid systems even have a built-in manometer that indicates the health of the suspension. Kits produced by companies like Faskit do not loose their reliability over time. On the contrary, they are quite a reliable system that gives security and aids in the diagnosis of many car performance issues.

Air Suspension Kits are a type of vehicle suspension driven by an engine driven or electrical air pump or compressor. This pump pressureizes the air, using compressed air like a spring. Air Suspension Kits replace traditional steel springs. Rather than the metal spring mechanism, durable rubber bags act as air containers. The bags are then linked to an air compressor and an air reservoir. The compressor performs the duty of inflating and deflating the bags, which is how the car gets raised and lowered. The resulting and reason for air suspension is to offer a smooth ride quality and in some cases self-leveling.

Strutmasters builds and resells car and truck air suspension. They provide air suspension components like air suspension kits, air suspension lift kits, air suspension conversion kits, air bag suspension kits, air suspension kits for trucks, air bellows, compressors, air bags, shocks, and fittings to enhance your automotive performance or to replace your OEM suspension parts.

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