Auto enthusiasts will immediately understand what this interesting design luxury watch. Well known watchmaking brand has once again joined forces with the legendary car house and introduced a new version of the MP-05 LaFerrari watch. This watch represents the spirit of both brands, which can be clearly seen.

LaFerrari Clock 01

What first catches the eye is interesting and unique design. Maybe some will remain confused while looking at this unusual clock, design is really ingenious. The numbers of this watch is designed to resemble a motor LaFerrari that’s part of it. The mechanism is designed to resemble a piston engine, and we must admit that this idea is much like her. However, this clock has not been easy to make and designer of Ferrari Flavio Manzoni, work hard with people from Hublot to create a clock that will be remembered forever.

MP-05 is a clock with most components that the company has ever made. Of course, it takes a lot of time to construct such a masterpiece. It take over 600 hours of hard work.

LaFerrari Clock 02

On the numbers there are small cubical chronographs that show time, minutes, seconds and date. Maybe at first seems very confusing, but looking at this clock is really exciting.

This model will be produced in only 20 copies, and after only 72 hours of his presentation, all copies have already been purchased.