It is based on the Mercedes-Benz all terrain vehicle, and it is a work of inventor Bran Ferren, who made it for his four-year-old daughter Kira (on which the vehicle is called) and himself. He wanted to make a perfect combination of transportation and area for living.

Of course, this is now just a render, but according to Ferren, a project is already in the final stages and will be almost identical to the computer model. Autonomy will be at fantastic 3000 kilometers, will be able to cope with the highs of up to 45 degrees, and even “run over” the river flows!

Despite the construction of the “tractor + trailer”, this vehicle is integrated, like as some military vehicles, not only has all-wheel drive vehicles, but the trailer also, resulting in a driving scheme 6 × 6! A particularly interesting fact is that the 46-inch tires are specially designed with kevlar protection, just like some combat vehicles!

In the trailer there is a room for passengers, specialized place for geological research, and a fully equipped kitchen, and the energy to take care of diesel-electric generator power 25 kW. How Ferren says, the vehicle has a fully functional toilet, which “burns” all waste in a non-toxic powder!

KiraVan 6x6 Vehicle 01

KiraVan 6x6 Vehicle 02

KiraVan 6x6 Vehicle 03