The purpose of tuning is to ramp up car performance and style. Numerous ways exist to help you make the most of your ride. However, if you have never tuned for performance before, it can be a confusing topic. Unlike tuning strictly for style, performance customization requires that you adhere to modifications that offer real performance benefits, rather than just good looks. While many elements of the various tuning styles offer performance upgrades, some can actually take away from your performance. Here are the best hints and tips to help you maximize car performance while still making your ride look hot.

Body Kits – Body kits can add a dramatic racecar-inspired style to your current ride. However, you’ll need to know what to look for in order to maximize car performance. For instance, body kits that include front bumpers (with air dams) can help you streamline your car to a greater extent, helping air to flow over your ride, rather than underneath. Side skirts also help add performance and help your car hold the road better. Finally, spoilers provide more down force on the rear of the vehicle, while diffusing airflow

Custom Wheels – Custom wheels and tires can help you hold the road or track much better. However, you’ll need to avoid chromed steel wheels. These are actually heavier than OEM wheels, and can detract from the performance of your car. Remember, the purpose of performance tuning is to lighten the load, rather than adding more weight. Rather than chromed steel, opt for aluminum rims. These are much more lightweight and offer performance benefits.

Custom Tires – If you will be using your ride for race or drive with higher speeds, you’ll need tires with more grip that what standard options offer. Z ranked tires are made of softer compounds than travelling tires or other user-rated tires. However, remember that softer rubber outwears much more rapidly than harder compounds. As a result, you’ll have to replace your tires more oftentimes. To avoid this problem you may like to have more than one set of tires (one for races and one for street driving).

Suspension – Your car’s suspension can also detract from car performance. Adding custom sway bars, coil over kits and strut bars can help you attain the suspension you need. This will make the difference between slowing down through a turn and being able to accelerate through a turn. It also helps eliminate problems like suspension sway and shifting during driving.

Charlie Hernandez has been working with cars for over 20 years and owns a few car dealerships in Houston.