Though a lustrous car is what everyone desires, taking care of a car is quite tough. If you want your car to shine as new, add to its longevity, or get a good resale price, you need to spare some time and effort to give it a makeover.

Excessive use of the car can spoil its gleaming look due to the car being grazed by scratches, making it look old and unattractive, particularly if the paint is also fading. A full-fledged car care routine including car wash, waxing, and car polishing can bring back the shine of your vehicle.

You first need to clean all the dust through an extensive car wash with adequate water and cleansing liquid, after which you have to consider either waxing or polishing it. There is a great amount of confusion among car owners about when the car should be polished and when to use car wax. Being the owner of the car, it is necessary for you to know the kind of care required by your car.

The car can get a sparkling and glossy look when you use car wax, which often contains a wax derivative called carnauba. However, car waxes lack abrasive compounds and so they cannot remove the more prominent stains. Moreover, they are not resistant to harsh sunlight.

Whereas car polishes contain a unique ingredient called Teflon, which makes them stay longer on your car and provides it a brand new appearance. Scratches and stains on the car’s body are also better covered up with polish.

Generally, car polish is the best solution in case you drive your car regularly on routes that are dusty. Car wax provides your car with a temporary shine for some events, but it is not a very good protection on a daily basis. Therefore, you have to identify the requirements of your car taking into account its make and your lifestyle, and then go for a solution that not only gives your car a fresh appearance but also makes it fit for prolonged usage.

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