One of the biggest purchases you can make these days is a new car. It is extremely important as it needs to take you where you want to go. Because of this we need to remember to give it the proper TLC and keep it operating in tip top shape. Lots of times accidents happen just because someone lacked proper maintenance on their vehicle. Most of the time these could of been easily prevented. Some of this maintenance is very routine and can be preformed by anyone, not just a mechanic.

If you take good care of your car in this way, you’re going to make it last longer for you, too. You’ll also get better gas mileage, less in the way of exhaust problems, and extended tire life. Routine checks in your car will also mean that you’re going to be able to see small problems before they become big ones that could cost you a lot of money or even be dangerous. Keep up with your car’s maintenance schedules so that these problems can be detected and repaired. This will lower your car expense bills, too.

What should you do to take the best care of your car? Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Start with the basics. Your owner’s manual should have recommendations for routine maintenance, oil changes, and tuneups, among other things.

The engine oil should be changed ever 3000 mileage or 3 months whichever is first. Modern vehicles specify greater intervals but doing it early will never hurt.

Check all your fluid levels weekly. Check oil, brake fluid, trans fluid, power steering, and coolant as often as every week. Washer fluid levels should also be checked often to as it is important to clean off your windshield. Take some time and top off any low fluids.

Tires should be checked for proper pressure at least once a week. If your tires are under or over inflated, your car will be less fuel-efficient, and it could even be dangerous to you.

Tires should also be checked for wear patterns, “too worn” tread, cracks, tacks or nails. Tacks or nails could be causing slow leaks, and you should also make sure hubcaps and lug nuts are secure.

Schedule and take your car in for regular tuneups. If your spark plugs or fuel injection are causing problems, your fuel mileage could be reduced by as much as 35%. It may be tempting to postpone tuneups, and a lot of people do especially if their cars appear to be running fine, but don’t. Take your car to a professional mechanic so that your engine is thoroughly inspected for any problems that are small now, but that could be bigger later.

A well lubed chassis is very important. A good shop like Riverview Service center in Elmwood Park NJ will lube your suspension as part of the oil change service.

Your battery is literally what keeps your car ticking along. Keep an eye on it, especially in regard to cables and posts. If you notice corrosion is building up, you can gently clean it off with a wire brush. Make sure connections are secure; if you don’t, you could have a dead battery, which is something you don’t want.

Change your windshield wiper blades at least once a year and inspect them monthly for cracks or other problems. Use a protective coating such as Rain-X on your windshield every 2 weeks. This increases your viewing ability on days when heavy rain is a problem.

Headlights are very important too. Make sure that they and your tail lights and turn signals work as well. If the bulb is burned out be sure replace it before you have a accident.

Taking some time and look over your car. Soon it will become routine and you will realize that a little preventative maintenance will go a long way in keeping your car on the road for a long time to come.

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