At John Lennon Liverpool Airport Parking itself is plentiful, carefully divided into long-term and short-term car parks. The ‘short term’ facility is immediately opposite the main entrance. There are practical reasons for this. The positioning of the short term parking close to the main entrance is to persuade people to use the ‘short term’ parking area as a ‘drop off’ area, where you only need a moment to take a traveller as close as possible to the Terminal building and then drive away. Short term tickets are kept to an encouragingly low minimum price, but overstaying the 20 allocated minutes can be a very expensive mistake!

Clear signposting all around is a positive feature. There are six main parking areas, clearly designated Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term parking: two are Indoors. The Short Term parking bays are for passengers who wish to leave their car for one day, or up to a week.

The longer term car parking facilities are significantly cheaper than short to medium term parking, but the same high, professional level of security is provided for your vehicle in each of the six parking facilities around the airport. None of them is more than 500m from the Terminal, and for this reason there is no need for a shuttle or transfer bus service. There are, of course, special arrangements for passengers with mobility problems, and a reserved parking area for those who have a Disabled badge can be found immediately outside the terminal entrance gate.

Also available is a Premium parking option. The passenger is met at the Terminal gate by a chauffeur, who will park the car safely and ensure that the passenger is met at the Terminal on returning to the airport, with the car ready to be driven away.

John Lennon airport, on the outskirts of Liverpool, is one of the region’s greatest success stories. A recent survey placed one of its hotels eighth nationally: only three hotels outside London achieved a ‘top ten’ placement. The survey was based on customer response and focused exclusively on the standards and service the customers had experienced themselves. You can find the current charges for all the available parking facilities on our user-friendly website. We will always confirm immediately and in writing all bookings made through the website, to ensure the best possible customer service.

Along the airport approach road there are currently at least three hotels which offer their guests a free courtesy car to meet their flight. For anyone who has booked an early flight and has travelled some distance to get to Liverpool, it may be worth considering leaving your car at one of these hotels rather than in the airport itself.

Find more information about Liverpool airport parking by looking online. There you will find out about airport parking Liverpool and the rates and so much more. Go online and learn more today.