An environment-friendly car built by hand by a small family-run business at their garage-workshop in the snowy foothills of northwestern Toyama prefecture on February 24, 2010. It putters along at a maximum speed of 37 mph and goes up to 45 miles before needing to be recharged. Takeoka Jidosha Kogei only makes 100 vehicles each year, and it has no plan to expand operations (plus the street legality in the US is sketchy, falling someone in the realm of a Segway). The box-shaped two-door car — which is dubbed the “Eco-beagle” and comes in green, white, red and canary yellow — has a relatively affordable price tag of 856,000 yen (9,600 dollars).

Japan's Handcrafted Electric Car 01

Japan's Handcrafted Electric Car 02

Japan's Handcrafted Electric Car 03