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GPS technology started out very basic back in the day when global positioning was considered a major breakthrough. A bit later, its popularity started picking up and the primary demographic was motorists who travel regularly over vast distances. Now you can notice GPS devices in a variety of local malls and shopping outlets for the reason that today with newer technology, GPS devices are now assisting commuters in realizing their destinations swiftly and without incident. TomTom GPS devices have further specialized their lineup to be attractive to both the normal commuter and constant traveler. TomTom additionally went as far as engineering several distinctive lineups, each having a particular numerical series. Another great unit to consider is the Garmin Nuvi 780 GPS System.

TomTom GO

TomTom GO was the original lineup, launched in 2005 and is enjoying continued popularity with its latest product brought out in 2008. TomTom GPS GO devices are self-contained devices that were made to perform normal GPS operations that are just the thing for ordinary travel by car or with a bike. The majority of their most recent models come with Bluetooth, which makes it quite easy to synchronize with the Windows or Mac systems. It also enables you to connect with smartphones. This function will enable you to send and receive calls through your TomTom GO without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Several of the higher-end models come with text-to-speech software so that the street names are spoken by the machine so commuters will stay focused on the road. This is collection of choice for GPS beginners since the devices are user-friendly and the list of features are excellent.

TomTom ONE

A TomTom GPS could be rather costly for normal car owners. The models in the TomTom GO series are good examples of this truism because of all the capabilities they offer. This problem resulted in the introduction of the TomTom ONE collection which was aimed at consumers with smaller budgets. Before you find yourself too excited about their remarkably low prices compared to the TomTom GO, consider perusing the list of functions for the model that catches your eye.

Considering functionality, the processors are rather slow, so it will likely stall if you run the device too rigorously, but the RAM is more or less the same and the ONE XL has a widescreen, making it appear similar to a TomTom GO unit. However, the text-to-speech software is not available on the TomTom ONE, and not many TomTom ONEs are able to run Bluetooth. If those parameters are okay with you, enjoy the greenbacks you’ll save by getting a TomTom ONE. On the other hand, consider getting a GO because it is more comprehensive and is more reliable.


You will usually use GPS devices in cars currently, so the models nearly all have been equipped with vehicle mounts. Regrettably, these mounts won’t fit on Motorcycles. The TomTom RIDER is specially intended to be employed on motorcycles. TomTom’s RIDER has a useful set of extras, making it on a par with the GO series and might probably be the safest motorcycle GPS device you could find. Their cost is somewhat alarming, though. An alternative unit to consider is the Garmin Nuvi 780 GPS System.

Each of the TomTom appliances are perfectly acceptable for GPS navigation. The TomTom ONE models leave much to be desired, but their price reflects that. The perfect device for you will be influenced by the kind of features you want. There are plenty of models from which you could select, and it’s likely that one should fit your needs.

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