Yes would be the answer to that question, but why? It would seem odd that the future of hybrids cars would be unpredictable since everyone is talking about the pain at the pump all of the time. So just how is it that the solution to all of our gas problems has an unpredictable future?

Well, that has a lot to do with price. But no one could predict how much sales have soared in the both the current and past years. Hybrid cars came out in the year 2000. And since then, they have just been selling like hotcakes. But will the soaring sales for hybrid cars continue? That’s the question that has many people squinting their eyes and sighing. People just don’t know. They aren’t sure how hybrid cars will do in the upcoming market.

Right now, car industry bosses believe that hybrid car sales will outrun those of other cars that are great when it comes to fuel efficiency. They think the sales of hybrid cars will just leap over those of pick-ups, luxury models, and sports vehicles.

However, other people believe that car manufacturers do a lot of grandstanding because the auto bosses think that hybrid cars will accomplish all of the above in five years. But opponents say it’s impossible to make such predictions for five years down the road because there are just too many variables. For instance, now the price of gas is about $3.00, but who knows what it will be five years from now.

Without stable numbers to go by, it’s very difficult to come up with numbers that try to successfully predict how many people will buy hybrid cars in the future. And who’s to say that people will so easily give up their luxury cars and SUVs? Hybrid cars are nice, but some people are quite attached to their Mercedes. Maybe the people who can afford a Mercedes aren’t even worried about paying $3.00 for gas.

So the opponents may have some good reasons to believe car bosses are exaggerating when it comes to the future of hybrid cars. The biggest reason they may be grandstanding is because they can’t predict how the economy will be doing in the next five years. Hybrid cars are very expensive, and if the economy takes a downturn, people may not be able to afford the good jobs they need to buy a hybrid car.

Then, yes, if the economy goes down, car bosses will definitely have put their foot in their mouths when it comes to hybrid cars.

But the question is what are you going to do to affect the future of hybrid cars? Are you going to buy or continue to drive your conventional car? The future of cars will be better if more people would consider buying a hybrid car. You can do it today. All it takes is good credit and a fondness for embracing better automotive technology. So a hybrid car is waiting for you, and it’s in just the color you wanted.

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