Ferrari F430 Evolution

On a pretty regular basis, Ferrari makes its new Best Car Ever. Right now there’s maybe some debate over which one this is, but one of the candidates is the F430. It’s been around since 2004 since it can be properly called “venerable,” even if the coming of the 458 Italia has in some ways outshone the 430.

Rest assured it is the Best Car Ever. It followed the 360, considered still by many the Best Car Ever too. Really it’s all in what you want. The F430 is a beautiful machine, almost friendly-looking in a way that the 458 Italia really isn’t. The F430 carries a lot of DNA from previous Best Car Evers. The tail lights and vents, the racing profile of its low front-end. The V8! The fact that it comes in a variety of flavors, convertible and coupe, fast and faster. Best and bester.

Ferrari F430 Improvement

It’s a matter of taste and choice, which you won’t necessarily get with some of Ferraris more exotic exotics. Your basic F430 will run 0-60 in four seconds and reach top speeds of 193 mph or more. “More” if your F430 of choice is the Scuderia, which is lighter and faster and meant to run against the really super supercars. At some point, as you see, adjectives start becoming meaningless.

Suffice to say the F430 takes care of a lot of the thinking for you, so you can sit back and drive. From steering to brakes to engine and handling, you’ve got choices, but once they’re made (“race” or “sport?”), leave it to the car. If you choose the Spider convertible, bear in mind that because there’s no roof, the frame is reinforced with strengthening bars and so on, and all the weight scotches its handling a touch. Still, it’s nearly as fast as the hardtop.

Ferrari F430 Spider or Hardtop

The engine sits behind the driver, under glass. It’s a refined way to drive, a loud vibrating ham of a motor that roars behind your head and can be seen to vibrate as you take it up to speed. All these wonderful qualities can be broadly defined as “familiar.” From the 360 to the F430 and on to the really excellent 458, you’re always talking about the Best Car ever.

There’s always something new under the sun. It’s always fast, often red, and sometimes has no top. Its name changes, and it improves, but it’s always the Best. It’s evolution we’re talking about here, and to ask which is the best of the Best Ferrari is to ask which animal is the best. You sort of have to pick the one you like, because it’s here now. But always moving.

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