by Zach Jacobs

If you drive a car often, such as going to places like work, the store, or the school, then you should be familiar with the instrument cluster and the instrument panel. The instrument cluster is the control system at the back of the car?s dashboard.

The main task of the instrument cluster is to make sure that every output device is working properly. As an example, most instrument clusters now have speedometers that are mostly digital. Some of the cars that have these types of speedometers include the Cadillac and Lincoln. Some cars still have the analog gauges.

In the past, car dashboards were much simpler. They contained just a speedometer. As time passed, more and more parts were added and its entire collection was called the instrument cluster. These additional features were the vents, heating and lighting controls and other audio accessories.

Some modern cars even have GPS built in the dashboard. This feature may cost some amount for a few people but for other car enthusiasts, it can still be considered cost efficient in the long run. The designs of the instrument cluster also matters a lot since it should be easy to read even at a glance, considering the need to do this while driving.

The current condition of a car can also be easily taught to new drivers because of the warning indicators. The indicators help any driver, but especially a new driver; know if the car has been having some intermittent problems. Manufacturers discovered that it was easier to educate a driver about the condition of the car via light indicators rather than gauges.

Light indicators are now incorporated to the instrument panel so the driver will immediately know the vehicle’s problem. As an example, a red light indicator will turn off to tell you that your car is getting too hot and is in danger of overheating. Another example is that if your car is running out of gas, the indicator will point it to the empty level and a light indicator will go on to get your attention to this matter as well.

This way, the driver would just be able to read the gauges even just at a glance. Just through the lights blinking, you can tell what the car is actually going through. Hence, a lot of people should be made more knowledgeable about the concept of the instrument panel.

The uses of the instrument cluster and the instrument panel should be given more attention by any car enthusiasts and driver. Paying attention to the instrument cluster can make a big difference in repair cost if you heed the warnings.

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