If you drive a car then you know that in every car there is a thing called the instrument cluster that is situated right in front of you so that you can look at it as needed as you drive down the road. It has always been that way since the beginning of cars. There have always been car gauges to help the driver keep tabs on critical readings that will tell them if the car is performing correctly or if there is a potential problem.

One of the major benefits of the instrument cluster to a car owner is a cost savings from repairs to the car that could have been prevented. With the driver of a car able to see the condition of the car they can make some smarter choices about whether or not to take their car into the repair shop. However, for the instrument cluster to be effective, the driver must pay attention to the car gauges and then make smart decisions from that.

Instrument clusters also have gauges that help a driver to drive legally. There are laws about how fast you can drive on any given road and the speedometer gauge in the instrument cluster helps the driver to make sure that they are within that speed limit.

The fuel gauge is another car gauge that sits in the instrument cluster. This is a practical gauge and a safety gauge. It is practical because you need to know when you need to refuel your car. It is also a safety gauge because if you run out of gas on the highway you become a safety hazard to others as well as yourself.

Car gauges have evolved over time. In the beginning, there were not many gauges and they were mechanical in nature. Next, there were more gauges in the instrument cluster and they were still all mechanical. Eventually, a lot of them were eliminated in mechanical form and replaced by a warning light that only comes on when there is a problem.

Another area in which instrument clusters have changed over the years is the back light color. They used to be just a yellowish white color. Now, they come in a variety of colors. The reason is simple. It seems to be a quest to see what color is the best color to make the instruments more visible at night without causing a bright light distraction for the driver

Another purpose of the instrument cluster is the collection of the data. When your car has problems, it is gathered and stored in a computer in the instrument cluster. When you take it to the shop, the auto mechanics can plug into that computer and tell what the problem is.

This ability for auto mechanics helps them to make fewer mistakes in their auto repairs of your car. This also means less cost to you because it can be done quicker and more accurately.

The instrument cluster of each vehicle is different. Some people prefer to have more car gauges that are actual gauges rather than warning lights. This is especially true for those who are the back yard auto mechanics who understand what the gauges mean.