Growth hormone test results highlight the lack of growth, decreased activity of the pituitary gland and pituitary tumors. HGH tests are proof of BST hormone, growth hormone suppression test, somatomedin C and growth hormone stimulation test.

Somatotropin test is used to detect HGH deficiency and excess. The blood sample for the test of somatotropin is taken one hour after sleep for more accurate readings. The normal level of HGH for men is 5 ng / ml, whereas for women is less than 10 ng / ml and for children is 10 ng / ml, and for newborns the range is 10-40 ng / ml. Higher levels of HGH indicate gigantism and acromegaly. Indicates a decrease in the level of HGH deficiency and dwarfism.

Somatomedin C or insulin-like growth factor is considered as the accurate indicator of the level of HGH in the blood. Somatomedin C test is used to detect abnormalities of the pituitary and acromegaly. The results of blood test is not affected by weather, activity and diet. The result of test for normal levels of HGH in adults is 42-110 ng / ml. 7-110 ng / ml is the ideal result of test for the girls in the group of age 0 – 8, while for boys is 4-87 ng / ml. For girls in the age group 9-10 years, the ideal level is 39-186 ng / ml and for boys is 26-98 ng / ml. In the age group 11-13, the test result is normal for girls 66-215 ng / ml for males and 44-207 ng / ml. Indicates a higher level of HGH gigantism and acromegaly.

Growth hormone, insulin tolerance test or arginine stimulation test in which the body is known as control? With human growth hormone production capabilities. A substance known as HGH is used to stimulate HGH release factor. In this test, usually after insulin injection and blood samples. Growth hormone stimulation test for HGH deficiency gives more accurate results. In this test, the results of normal levels of HGH test, 10 ng / ml. Reduced levels of HGH pituitary shows weakness.

Growth hormone suppression test is known as the glucose load test. This excess human growth hormone-based tests to assess the level is used. Two different blood samples are taken this test. Glucose and the second sample before the first sample is taken two hours after glucose is taken. HGH is based on the level of glucose load. Usually the test result for the level of HGH 3 deleted ng / ml. HGH base deletion Level 5 ng / ml indicates acromegaly syndrome.

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