There are many motorcycle dealers Orange County. These dealers are authorized to sell motorbikes on behalf of motorbike manufacturing companies. Before one is authorized to carry out this job, one has to prove that he has enough capital, enough manpower and a commercial space. Used and brand new motorbikes are normally stocked in dealerships. A motorbike dealer will earn a lot of money if he is hardworking, disciplined and dedicated. A dealer will be trained on different aspects by the motorbike manufacturer who has contracted him.

To set up any dealership in any part of the world requires a lot of money. Initial capital required to start a business can be obtained from a financial institution. There are many financial institutions in Orange County. All financial institutions offer secured and unsecured credit. Secured credit is finance secured by a fixed asset while unsecured credit is finance that has not been secured by an underlying asset.

After securing enough finance, one should start searching for a suitable premise. A premise that is located at the heart of Orange County will be very ideal for this business. Premises located at the heart of urban centers usually have high rent than the one’s located on the outskirts. To find a suitable premise, one will be required to do some searching.

With a suitable commercial space that has been well equipped, the next step will be to hire manpower. A dealership will have to hire casual manpower and non-casual manpower. Casual employees are employees who are not permanent while non-casual employees are the ones who are permanent. Managers, accountants, store keepers and human resource personnel should be hired on a permanent basis.

Dealerships deal with new motorcycles and also with previously used automobiles. Most new automobiles come with warranty. Some used ones also come with warranty. The dealership staff will set warranty conditions for the different products stocked. Most products have warranty that covers more than one year.

The dealer will be acquainted with the details of a particular manufacturer’s product through training. Training will take a few days. The dealer who is very attentive during training sessions is the one who will make high profits. At the end of the day, the profits a dealer makes will depend on his hard work.

The agents of motorbike manufacturing companies in Orange County are motorcycle dealers Orange County. These dealers have been fully licensed by the manufacturing companies to sell bikes within the specified geographical area. Before being licensed as a dealer, one will be required to have a certain amount of capital. Read more about: Motorcycle Dealers Orange County

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