Imperia GP has a 1.6L 207-hp engine and a 134hp electric motor, which can be recharged simply via a 220v socket. 0-60 is done in 4s in hybrid mode.


It involves nothing less than creating a new vehicle concept, implementing new technologies, and at the same time introducing a new approach to driving and the pleasure it brings.

It is ambitious too because this vehicle aims to join a stubbornly exclusive segment where quality standards are very high.

And it is even more ambitious because Imperia Automobiles is proposing a world 1st in the sector, both a small revolution and an incredible evolution.

The design of this vehicle hinges on three remarkable requirements:

* Environmental concern, through motorisation based on Plug-in hybrid engine technology supplemented by path-breaking autonomy in electric mode.
* The pleasure of sport driving, obtained through high-level performance.
* Attention to design, conveyed through its neo-retro lines inspired from Imperia history that will seduce the most demanding amateur.

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 01

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 02

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 03

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 04

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 05

Imperia GP Concept Vehicle 06