Currently there are two tested prototype, and soon begins replacement of all concrete surfaces with these incredibly smart and economical device.

Solar panels will soon replace all the roads that you know so far! Hexagonal plates will be able to arrange as puzzle, and the configuration of each plate is completely amazing. Panels are smart and filled with microprocessors.
The panels are intelligent, and if they happen to be one of them fails, they are programmed so that they can be replaced with a new trouble-free! The exterior is made of laminated and tempered glass, which means that they can deal with extremely strong pressures.
Cost-effectiveness of this product is its greatest virtue. They practically pay for themselves. Energy produce only sunlight, and the amount you can make would be able to cover the full cost of electricity in the world! If this technology began to be practiced in the near future, everyone would be able to free ride because the future of driving and cars belong to the electric drive. Everything would change!

In addition to the standard options, the panels are heated by yourself, so we will not have icy winter roads and we will always be able to drive all vehicles including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

Solar panel includes a LED light that can be programmed. This means that the painted lines and sometimes slippery road signs as well as various labels for parking places and so can move into the past, knowing that it will work in the future by pressing the button.

The panels also react to pressure and can measure whether an animal on the road, so you can put forward to warn you when driving something pops up in front of the car!

This system was established by Julie and Scott Bryce in 2006, and now it’s finally happening. Currently there are two ready-made and tested a prototype, and soon begins and replacement of all concrete surfaces these incredibly smart and cost-effective device!