Unveiled at this week’s Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai calls its creation a personal mobility vehicle. E4U looks more like a giant egg with twin kickstands extending from its back. Instead of tires, the vehicle uses a rotating semispherical part (like the lower half of a ball). To prevent the vehicle from spinning, it has two safety wheels on the rear side. The semispherical part rotates counterclockwise. And the direction of travel can be controlled by using the feet placed on the part to tilt it. To move forward, the left foot is used to tilt the semispherical part so that the left side of it contacts the ground and kicks the ground backward. As a result of its reaction force, the vehicle moves forward.

Hyundai E4U Personal Mobility Vehicle - 01

Hyundai E4U Personal Mobility Vehicle - 02

via: nikkeibp.co.jp