by Amanda Gamdana

The reasoning behind of using free energy sources for your car is old indeed and while major traditional headway is yet to be done, there are several ways available in the market that guide you into running a automobile with optimum efficiency on Hydrogen fuel cells. Surprisingly, running a automobile on water would involve breaking water into its essential molecules, but Hydrogen gas system works on a complete different technology, which is used not successfully by many prototype machines as well as cars across the world.

Though gasoline and diesel dictate our lives and the way the world operates, the drastic increase in the costs of fuel makes it compulsory for us to look for alternatives to gasoline. The other matter to consider is the fact that traditional fuel has been the single largest environment pollutant the world has known and now that the existing fuel stock would only last for another 50 years or so, it is time that we made efforts to forget this old friend.

Presently the way things are shaping, it seems that switching to Hydrogen fuel cells is perhaps the only smart and intelligent thing to do. Burning is not part of fuel cell operations where the calorific value of Hydrogen gas makes it a more feasible option where you not only get better fuel efficiency with the same quantity but fewer risks of contaminating the environment. Hydrogen gas has always been one of the prime sources of energy holding massive amount of potential for the coming years.

The rationale of Hydrogen gas fuel cells used in traditional fuel is rather elementary where it splits to produce electricity, which acts as the fuel, but then, how can one generate the required Hydrogen gas? Hydrogen can be produced by breaking down the water molecule using electricity, before it is allowed to react with the fuel cells, which then generates electricity, enabling the automobile to be run with it. The yield cost is cheap and the car efficiency is not affected in any way.

Constructing a Hydrogen-run car with water fuel cells is a very elementary operation and any technically sound person or a car mechanic can create it with the help of ordinary tools. No real interference of the car machinery is required to do this, as some simple adjustments can get the started and moving. You do not even have to monkey around with the car engine central computer and all you have to do is to incorporate some minor adjustments. The mileage can be pumped up by an amazing seventy to eighty percent if you use a fuel line heater and a small device. The entire modified Hydrogen automobile doesn’t cost a bomb and can be equated to a highly functional electric car without any emissions.

Compared to existing cars, which emit harmful emissions including Co2, these modified cars only gives out H2O as a byproduct and gives commendable mileage. Some meaningless internet sites would act as guides and try to fleece you but as some reputed web sites have shown, the engineering science is extremely elementary with only some minor alterations needed.

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