HydroCar is 22 feet long and eight feet wide without its sponsons extended. Dobbertin sold the Surface Explorer and his Award winning Hot Rods to finance the Dobbertin HydroCar you see here. As you can see from the pictures, almost every part of the HydroCar is custom, one off, or handmade. The vehicle actually changes shape, lowering and extending pontoons when you switch it from land mode to water mode. The tunnel hulled HydroCar is propelled by a 572 Cubic inch Big Block Chevy that produces 762 horsepower. HydroCar is currently listed on Ebay for $777,000 that is “being offered as a more of collector car than something to be used on either land or water on a regular basis”.

HydroCar on Ebay-01

HydroCar on Ebay-02

HydroCar on Ebay-03

HydroCar on Ebay-04

HydroCar on Ebay-05

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